Dellner Components, cooperating with railway, shipbuilding, arms and machinery business operators, offers also a subcontracting relation. A contractor commissioning an order of either a single component or the complete series, can look to its fast completion. While providing services to our clients, Dellner Components takes benefit of the latest technological achievements and the highest quality materials. Owing to this, the final product satisfies the engineers' expectations, in regard to dimensions, resistance against damage, expansion, chemical factors and durability over time.

Quality control provided on each stage of the manufacturing process is preceded with a careful analysis of delivered documentation. Thereby, the subcontracting provided by Dellner Components ensures quality that is fully in accordance with the customer's guidelines.


Among wide range of services Dellner Components provides also precise welding services for components and structures utilised in railway, shipbuilding, machinery and extractive industries. Whenever precision, quality and durability is a crucial requirement, a reliable partner like Dellner Components is at a premium. Welding and processing of cast steel, cast iron, quality steel, chromium molybdenum steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium or bronze structures, is carried out strictly in accordance with the documentation delivered by the contractor. Compliance with clients' expectations, apart from the highest level of quality and promptness, is our fundamental aim.

Wire harnesses

Dellner Components also provides wiring services for train control systems designed in strict compliance with delivered documentation. We specialise in wire harnesses which are the essential component for final assembly. Therefore, our offer includes wiring systems designed specifically as requested by a contractor.

Cooperation with train manufacturing plants allowed Dellner Components to develop a wide range of wiring systems, including wire harnesses, which are responsible for both safety and comfort of the travellers. Dellner Components provides the highest quality of components used in, for instance, local trains.

Our offer, however, is directed not only at the train industry but also at other branches.

Metal machining

Metal machining used for specific or general-purpose constructions is one of the services provided by Dellner Components. Among the materials used for units intended for working in specific conditions there are cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel, chromium molybdenum steel, brass, bronze or aluminium. Taking advantage of our experience and machinery facilities, Dellner Components offers turning, milling and extrusion by means of stamps and presses – the choice of the exact technology depends on a given project and the intended purpose of the manufactured component.

Metal machining includes a forming process, that is, rolling, extraction, drawing and forging – a change of physico-chemical properties of materials makes components get desired parameters without the loss of the material itself.

The scope of works covers also the heat treatment of metals - recommended particularly when processing steel. The processes of hardening, annealing, tempering, wetting and stabilising warrant the acquisition of the desired parameters by the components – either those previously delivered to or manufactured entirely by Dellner Components. . Our company offers also a thermochemical treatment which greatly enhances durability of the material and provides protection against oils and other chemical agents.

We provide an individual approach to every single project hence the scope of works depends entirely on client's demands.