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Dellner Couplers starts its history in 1941 when Mr. Jan Dellner established a small production facility in the Northern part of Sweden where he started manufacturing automatic couplers dedicated for the Swedish market. Over the years company have grown to become a major global player within Train Connection Sys¬tems, serving customers all over the world. Dellner has always focused on innovative research and advanced design and by doing so have introduced several global breakthroughs in the rail industry in the past half century. In 1984, as the first manufacturer, has launched the gas hydraulic damper in couplers followed by the production of snow gaiters and front hatch mechanisms in the nineties. The last several years have been full of new implementations of products from front to intermediate train systems. One of the biggest milestones was an acquisition of the Woodville factory enabling to produce gangways in house. Since then Dellner became the world leading Train Connection Systems supplier and serve all major train builders and railway operators worldwide.

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Dellner Components has production facility as well as head office in Gdynia, Northern Poland. Dellner Components mission is to be partner for system provider and act as supplier of subassembly and components . In the supply chain Dellner Components is located between vary basic raw materials and advanced high end subassemblies. Dellner Components manufactures, develops and improves products and subsystems for daily use in the train, off-shore, marine, defense, steel and mining industries. The company has global material procurement with its own staff in Sweden, Poland and China.


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Dellner Dampers is a global supplier of innovative bogie, inter-car and yaw dampers to some of the world's leading train manufacturers and operators. Dellner Dampers contributes with innovative damping solutions to the group's own coupler division. Product development and testing are done in-house. The industrial part of Dellner Dampers provides buffers and dampers to all kinds of crane and bridge applications. Dellner Dampers has stay cable dampers installed on more than 10 cable stayed bridges worldwide, including the world longest cable-stayed bridge, Russkiy Bridge, which is under construction in Vladivostok, Russia. Dellner Dampers are also found in the container spreaders produced by the world´s leading manufacturer, Cargotec. 


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Dellner Brakes is a company within the Dellner Group that develops, manufactures, markets and maintains brake solutions for industrial and marine applications. During the last few years Dellner Brakes has expanded strongly. The brake systems are used within the offshore industry, the mining industry, the paper industry, in oil and energy production, for cranes, winches and a number of different industrial vehicles. Most of the customers are located in Scandinavia, USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Within marine brake applications, Dellner Brakes is a world leader. The company’s products are mounted in large military ships, oil tankers, freight ships, ferries, luxury yachts, luxury liners such as The Queen Mary 2, and sailing ships such as the Gothenburg, a replica of an original ship launched in 1738.

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Dellner Woodville - Established in 1948 as Woodville Rubber Company Ltd. and from 2009 a part of the Dellner Group, Dellner Woodville continues to be at the forefront of polymer technology; designing, manufacturing and delivering innovative flexible solutions for some of the world’s most challenging and demanding environments. The company has extensive experience in supplying custom made polymer components to the oil & gas, power generation, defense, civil engineering and mass transit sectors. Moreover, Dellner Woodville is the supplier of rubber elements to Dellner Train Connection Systems. It manufactures a range of life saving materials for passenger vehicles that exceed the stringent requirements of fire performance. Dellner Woodville works with both natural and synthetic elastomers as well as a range of engineered textiles; this diversity allows them to achieve optimum level of product cost and performance. 

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