We come from the rail industry where safety is the priority. For years we have been operating in the environment where it is fundamental to focus on every single detail in each phase of the production process. Safety is crucial for us in our daily tasks as well as during the final project completion phase for our clients. Our organizational culture is valued by such important companies like Alstom, Bombardier and Siemens.



High quality of our products is a result of established and implemented processes as well as our work methodology. We don’t leave space for unplanned events or luck of the draw. We exactly understand what is requested from us and we deliver it to our clients. Effectiveness, recurrence, attention to detail, high level of team competencies and close supervision are the factors that guarantee the high quality of our production – confirmed by various certificates. 


We are aware that both production and assembly are a complex and expensive logistic process. We constantly develop our tools, methods and best practices, striving for perfection. Our processes are supported by an advanced ERP system and our experience in the “Engineer to Order” domain.


Our main production and operational facility is located in Gdynia, Poland, where the labour cost remains attractive and competencies of our specialists are at world class level. We operate in the close proximity of the harbor, international airport and regional highway. We have a developed network of suppliers in Europe and Asia. Owing to LEAN culture and PDCA, we are able to offer competitive prices and high quality services to our customers.